Taiwan man charged with murder over 'faked death'


Police in Taiwan have arrested a man who allegedly killed another man and used the body to fake his suicide and avoid going to jail for a sex offence.

The death was confirmed as murder days after the suspect burned his victim's body and changed his identity.

The 33-year-old suspect, surnamed Sun, allegedly kidnapped his 29-year-old victim, tied his hands behind his back, and set him and a rented car on fire.

But Sun forgot to untie his victim's hands and left the body by the car.

Local residents reported the fire and it was extinguished before the victim's body was completely burned.

Sun had left a suicide note nearby but DNA tests later revealed the body was not his.

Police say Mr Sun had also stolen his victim's identity card and convinced a government office to issue him a new ID card with his own picture on it by claiming he had gained weight.

He was about 25kg (3st 13lb) heavier than his victim.

Sun had recently been sentenced to eight years in prison for a sex offence, but under Taiwan's legal system he was allowed to remain free until his deadline to report to prison.

His victim was a student studying for a doctorate in business management. Police said the two may have met online.

Police tracked Sun down after finding the victim's scooter, which Sun was using.