Nobel Peace Prize: Views from China

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China has reacted angrily to Norway's Nobel Peace Prize committee awarding the prize to jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo. But what do ordinary Chinese people think of the award?

Here is a selection of comments posted in Chinese on online discussion boards and on Twitter.

My, Guangdong, China

"The Nobel Peace Prize is simply a measure by the Western countries to destabilise China."

Name not given, China

"National interest is more important than anything. Whoever harms the national interest should be put into prison. If a person who doesn't even respect the ancestors has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, then the prize is not something valuable either. It's just a bone in front of a dog."


"Today in the award ceremony, the chair for Liu Xiaobo will be left empty, because the Chinese authority is still keeping Liu Xiaobo in jail, making him not able to attend. Please join us to change the profile picture into an empty chair, as a protest against this continued imprisonment."

Lie, Shandong, China

"This makes me think about Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi."


"On a business trip. Took a picture of the empty chair in the hotel to commemorate this special day."

Doudou, Europe

"The quality of Chinese citizens today is actually the same as in the '30s (last century). There has been no progress. People are still drinking out of revolutionaries' blood, and are still cursing those with a broader vision."

Name not given, Sichuan, China

"The Nobel Peace Prize is a pile of dog shit. That a criminal can win the award means the Dalai Lama and Obama are all criminals."

Name not given, Heilongjiang, China

"I suggest that we completely freeze up the ignorant Norway via diplomatic and economic measures, and teach them what it tastes like to irritate 1.3 billion Chinese people."


"The Communists unbridledly arrested dissidents before the award ceremony in Oslo, is in fact punching out more holes on their already riddled fig leaf..."


"Happily celebrate the day for the empty chair!"

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