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Deadly attack on police in China's Xinjiang province


Several people have been killed in China's restive Xinjiang province in an attack on a police station.

At least eight hostages were held during the attack by "a mob" in the city of Hotan, state media said.

During a rescue operation two of the hostages, two security personnel and several attackers were killed.

Xinjiang is the home to a largely ethnic Uighur population which feels increasingly pressured by Han Chinese migration and strict controls.

In 2009, deadly ethnic riots erupted in Xinjiang after tensions flared between the Muslim Uighur minority and the Han Chinese, in which nearly 200 people died.

There have also been a number of explosions in Xinjiang in the past, which the government blames on Uighur separatists.

But Uighur activists and human rights groups accuse Beijing of using the issue to crack down on Uighur dissidents, who have complained that waves of Han Chinese migrants have marginalised the Uighur culture.

The situation in Hotan is reported to be "under control".