East Timor profile - media

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East Timorese youths read newspaper headline reporting Jose Ramos-Horta's 2007 election winImage source, AFP
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Few East Timorese regularly read newspapers

Radio is the most popular medium. Public radio has near-nationwide reach; public TV has a smaller coverage.

Community radios operate, often with funding from international agencies and NGOs.

There are daily and weekly press titles. Economic and distribution factors limit readership.

Reporters can usually cover the news freely, although a "culture of deference pervades journalism", says US-based Freedom House.

BBC World Service broadcasts in Dili on 95.3 FM. There are FM relays of Portuguese and Australian radio.

There were around 340,000 internet users by 2017, comprising around 27% of the population (InternetWorldStats.com).

The press/internet

  • Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) - public
  • Radio Maubere - run by Fretilin party
  • Radio Timor Kmanek (RTK) - Catholic Church radio