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Map of Northern Marianas Islands

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or CNMI, is a chain of 14 islands in the north-west Pacific.

A self-governing commonwealth of the United States since 1976, the islands lie just 1,500 miles south of the Japanese coast.

Those born on the islands are US citizens but not eligible to vote in US presidential elections. The territory receives millions of dollars in aid from Washington.

Most of the population live on the island of Saipan and only four other islands are populated. Native Micronesians outnumber the indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian populations.



Head of State: Donald Trump

Head of government: Ralph Torres

Ralph Torres was sworn in as governor of the Northern Marianas in December 2015 following the sudden death of his predecessor Eloy Inos.

At 36, he became the youngest governor in Northern Marianas history.

During his inaugural speech, Mr Torres pledged "to do what's right".

The Northern Marianas government has sought to rebuild public trust since former governor Benigno Fitial was convicted of corruption in 2015.


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