Prince William reveals wish for two children

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Media captionThe Duchess of Cambridge flexes her muscles after helping out at the Rolls Royce factory

The Duke of Cambridge has reportedly revealed he would like to have two children with his wife.

Prince William made the comment when asked how many children he would like, during the second day of the couple's Diamond Jubilee tour to Singapore.

A teenager at one walkabout said the prince had responded by saying "he was thinking about having two".

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also said they would like their "superhero superpower" to be invisibility.

The prince, who married Catherine Middleton in April last year, has spoken before about starting a family, but has not mentioned numbers.

After the couple's visit to the Gardens by the Bay attraction, Corine Ackermann, 17, said: "Someone asked him how many children he would like to have, and he said he was thinking about having two."

Jaz Heber Percy, 13, asked the prince what superpower he would like to have if he could be a superhero.

The prince replied: "That's a hard question - I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it. I think invisibility."

The duchess had agreed that she would need to be invisible too, "otherwise he would be able to sneak up on her," Jaz said.

Several people in the 1,000-strong crowd fainted as they waited in sweltering heat for three hours to see the royals.

Local children who had been given the morning off school chanted: "Will, you're brill. Kate, you're great".

The royal couple planted a Pachira glabra variegata tree to mark their visit.

They also visited a Rolls-Royce jet engine factory, where the prince praised the "cutting-edge aerospace technology developed by one of the United Kingdom's great global companies".

During the visit, the duchess fitted the last of 24 fan blades to a Trent 900 engine.

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