Australia voters share their views on Tony Abbott's victory

Tony Abbott Mr Abbott told a cheering crowd that Australia is now "under new management"

Australia's opposition has crushed the governing Labor party in a general election that has returned the Liberal-National coalition to power for the first time in six years.

Liberal leader Tony Abbott said he looked forward to forming a competent and trustworthy government.

Here Australian voters share their thoughts on the results.

Paul Edwards, Sydney, Australia

Paul Edwards Paul wants to see a change in foreign policy

I am extremely happy that the Liberals have won the election, although I was hoping for a result as good as 1996 but that didn't turn out to be the case.

As a self-identifying world citizen my main interest is how Australia behaves in the world rather than domestic issues.

In particular I was incensed that the Labor Party withdrew our troops from Iraq before the job was done, which I consider to be a slap in the face of our US and Iraqi allies.

My focus now is on the liberation of Syria, and I hope that with the pro-war party back in power we will see Australian planes over Syrian skies, ushering the rebels to victory. Although I have seen some disconcerting remarks from the Liberals about that.

Australia should be taking the lead in wars of liberation, not merely tagging along with major powers. Australia should be first in and last out of any freedom versus dictatorship conflict.

Mary Edwards, Melville, Western Australia

I'm depressed about the results.

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Mary Edwards

I was outraged at the treatment meted out to Julia Gillard”

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I think Tony Abbott will go extremely right wing and will undo a lot of the things that are good under Labor.

I feel the poorest and the most disadvantaged will get poorer and more disadvantaged under the new government.

Tony Abbott has got some very draconian views.

I wasn't completely happy with the Labor party but in the end I did vote for them.

As a female - British born and now Australian - I was outraged at the treatment meted out to Julia Gillard by some sections of the media and her own party.

Australian politics is just for males. Females are considered decorative unless they express opinions - then they are dumped in a hurry.

Rick Atkinson, Sydney, Australia

It is such a relief that Tony Abbott has won.

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I want to see a little bit of sanity returned to workplace relations”

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I voted for the Liberal/National coalition because we've had six years of career bureaucrats in power who think that productivity is creating a scheme for everything, or throwing borrowed money at social issues.

Living costs have significantly increased, business is hamstrung and our nation has become uncompetitive.

We've been living under a government run by people who have made their career by bullying free enterprise.

Businesses have voted with their feet by either cutting back on staff, closing down, of going off shore, putting the people out of work that the unions are supposed to protect.

Any small business person who fully understands current workplace laws would be crazy to employ staff because of the onerous liabilities they take on.

I want to see a little bit of sanity returned to workplace relations so businesses won't be scared to hire staff again. The new prime minister has a big job ahead of him.

The enterprising spirit is not going to come back overnight.

Kal Slater, Canberra, Australia

Kal Slater Kal is concerned about the new government's policies on asylum seekers and climate change

It's disappointing that Tony Abbott won with such a landslide but the results are not unexpected.

Labor didn't do as badly in some parts of the country as polls had showed.

Personally I am a left of centre and I am quite concerned about the new government's policies on asylum seekers and climate change.

The coalition says it will cut jobs from the public sector which could have a big impact on everyone in Canberra.

As a young Australian, I have been left disillusioned by the low state of civility shown by both the Labor Party and the Liberal/National Coalition.

In government the Labor Party lurched from right to left so it was hard to tell what it actually stood for.

I voted for the centrist, social liberal Australian Democrats. They seem to represent a comfortable alternative between right and left.

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