Australian FM Julie Bishop shares her :) and :( in emoji interview

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Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says relations with the US are :-) in an interview with Buzzfeed conducted almost entirely in emojis.

In what the website says is a world first, Ms Bishop also uses the icons to indicate she is a cat not dog person.

She also touched on serious issues, using a frowning face to describe Russian leader Vladimir Putin and a :-| for her view of ties with Indonesia.

Ms Bishop is widely seen as a potential future Australian prime minister.

The foreign minister is a keen user of emoji on her Twitter feed, using the dancing woman and microphone recently to share the news of Australia being asked to compete in the Eurovision song content.

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And to share Christmas wishes with her followers, with a suitably Australian sunshine to end.

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While the Buzzfeed interview was perhaps not the most probing Ms Bishop will have done, it did highlight some of her recent policies, including the angry frown for Mr Putin.

Australia has run up against Russia in recent months over the shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine - 38 of the people on board were Australian. Rebels backed by Russia have been accused of being behind the shooting, and Ms Bishop has confronted Mr Putin about it.

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image captionAs foreign minister, Julie Bishop was able to confront Vladimir Putin over the MH17 disaster

The response to a question on Australia's relationship with Indonesia was more complicated. Among other issues, Ms Bishop and her colleagues have been petitioning Indonesia recently to spare the lives of two Australians who are due to be executed for drugs crimes.

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Australia has been full of debate in recent weeks about the future for Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He survived a party vote last week on whether he should stay in charge, but Ms Bishop, his party deputy leader, had been seen as a possible replacement if he had gone.

Her choice of emoji for Mr Abbott - a running man - was open to interpretation: where is the keen runner going?

And her response to the question of whether she wanted to be prime minister one day leaves both her supporters and critics guessing:

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