Australian police rescue Taiwanese man on Ayers Rock

Image copyright NT Police
Image caption Rescuers climbed down to the trapped man

A Taiwanese tourist has been rescued after being trapped for over 24 hours on Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru.

The man had become caught in a crevice, and had to be winched up a 200m (656ft) rock face by rescuers.

Police say he has broken bones and is being airlifted to hospital.

One of Australia's most famous landmarks, Ayers Rock is considered sacred by the local Aboriginal people and tourists are advised think carefully before climbing it.

After being freed from a crevice, the man was taken away by helicopter.

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Image caption Uluru is considered one of Australia's most famous landmarks
Image copyright Nt police
Image caption Rescuers had to winch the injured man up a 200m rock face
Image copyright Nt police
Image caption The helicopter could only land on the top of Uluru

The man became trapped after splitting off from his group to take a shortcut.

Rescuers lowered food and water to him during the night and spoke to him using a loudhailer.

Image copyright Nt police
Image caption Tourists are reminded that the rock is sacred to Aborigines

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