Viral video: How to 'speak Australian' in one easy step

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Media captionTwo Australians give a simple YouTube lesson about mastering the Australian language

A youth pastor from Sydney has created a stir online with his very simple tutorial titled How to Speak Australian.

In just two words, Josh Hawkins teaches the basics of the Australian vernacular.

The 30-year-old's advice is to "abbreviate everything".

"We're from Australia. We love a good chat, but not for too long," Josh says at the start of the video, which also stars local actor Rhys Keir.

The pair then run through a list of some of Australia's favourite abbreviations, including:

  • Australia = Straya
  • Football = Footy
  • Tennis ball = Tenno
  • Biscuit = Biccy
  • Chocolate biscuit = Choccy biccy

The clip has already been viewed on Facebook more than 1.5m times since it was uploaded on Monday.

It has been a surprise success for Josh, and a little like lightning striking twice, after he made headlines in May for his trick-shot video "The thug life chose me".

"It was pretty insane and I didn't think it would happen again," he told the BBC.

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Image caption Actor Rhys Keir (left) and youth pastor Josh Hawkins (right)

His only regret: misspelling the town of Wollongong (south of Sydney).

"Practically the whole town has been messaging me.

"I was in a rush so I didn't spell-check it and I got a whole bunch of messages today."

He says he will use his appearance on breakfast television on Wednesday to issue a very public apology to Wollongong.

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