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World Solar Challenge: Dutch university Delft wins race in Australia

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image captionDelft University students celebrated their win with their car, Nuna8

A team from Delft University in the Netherlands has won a solar car race in the Australian outback.

The university's Nuon Solar Team was the first to arrive at the finish line in Adelaide. The 3,000km (1,800 mile) race took four days to complete.

The race, which happens once every two years, started on Sunday in Darwin.

Nearly 50 teams from universities and schools around the world took part. Delft University had also won the last challenge in 2013.

The World Solar Challenge is aimed at promoting research on solar-powered cars which could become a consumer product one day.

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The winning team celebrated by jumping into the fountain in Adelaide's city centre.

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image captionThe futuristic-looking winning car features a large solar panel on top

In second place was a team from the University of Twente, also from the Netherlands; while Japan's Tokai University came in third.

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image captionThe cars, including Twente's car Red One, passed through the town of Coober Pedy in the outback
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image captionThe 1,800 mile (3,000km) race took four days to complete

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