White humpback Migaloo spotted off Australia's Byron Bay

Migaloo the white humpback whale Image copyright Alison Reid
Image caption Migaloo, a famous humpback whale, causes a stir each year as he travels up Australia's east coast

A famous white humpback whale has been spotted on his annual migration to Australia's north.

Migaloo is known for his distinctive colouring and for many years was the only documented all-white humpback whale in the world.

He has been sighted off the coast of New South Wales state, including the resort town of Byron Bay.

Migaloo's journey up Australia's east coast has attracted large numbers of whale enthusiasts.

Image copyright Alison Reid
Image caption Migaloo is estimated to be about 28 years old - humpback whales typically live for up to 50 years

The 14m-long mammal was spotted with a companion during his venture north but now appears to be travelling solo.

A Twitter account run by the White Whale Research Centre provides real-time updates of the whale's whereabouts.

Image copyright Alison Reid
Image caption The white whale was first spotted swimming off Byron Bay in 1991

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