Rogue One: Sydney policeman a hit in 'Aussie Vader' costume

Mick Fett in costume with his unique interpretation of Darth Vader Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mick Fett in costume with his unique interpretation of Darth Vader

A Sydney police officer and huge Star Wars fan has become a local hit after creating a Darth Vader costume painted with the Australian flag.

The 39-year-old, who goes by the name Mick Fett, was born the year the first film in the series came out.

Since the 1990s, Fett has amassed a vast collection of action figures, costumes and other merchandise.

His collection fills the five-bedroom home he shares with his girlfriend and is estimated to be worth A$500,000 (£300,000; $370,000).

"I mentioned that I had some Star Wars stuff when we first got together," he told the BBC. "She was a bit overwhelmed at first and then she sort of adapted."

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Image caption Fett has a collection of memorabilia that fills his entire house

The suburban house is filled with a life-size Han Solo carbonite statue, priceless vintage toys and a vast collection of creatures from across the galaxy.

There's an entire room dedicated to arcade games and even a pod-racer in the backyard. Only one room does not have Star Wars memorabilia in it - the main bathroom.

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"When I'm not dressing up in Star Wars costumes, I wear a uniform," he said.

"It's two different worlds. The guys at work can't believe what I do in my Star Wars time and all my Star Wars friends can't believe I'm a police officer."

The idea to redecorate the Darth Vader costume began when he attended an overseas Star Wars convention.

He originally intended to attend the event as a Stormtrooper with an Australian flag cape. But at the suggestion the idea evolved.

"One of my mates said: 'Why don't you go out and spray paint the entire costume?' I thought - instead of doing a Stormtrooper why not Vader?"

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Image caption Aussie Vader (Mick Fett) strikes a pose with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)

The Down Under alter ego of the Sith Lord has since become a huge hit - at home and abroad.

"I don't know whether Aussie Vader is a villain or a Rebel," he laughed. "I'm a bit of a Rogue One myself."

"One of my favourite sayings is 'May the Force be with you, mate,'" he said.

"The cape is an Australian flag. I've got beer cans on my belt and blue flames airbrushed onto my helmet and chest piece. I've even made a custom light-sabre with a didgeridoo handle."

He has already seen the new Star Wars film Rogue One, once at the red carpet premiere and again at a midnight screening with fans.

"It definitely beat all my expectations," he said, adding that the latest blockbuster is a great tribute to the original trilogy.

"Empire Strikes Back was dark and gritty. Rogue One has a lot of those elements too."

Reporting by the BBC's Greg Dunlop

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