Cyclists use GPS to draw a goat around Perth

The cyclists turned a 202km ride around Perth into an outline of a goat Image copyright Ben Jones
Image caption It took the men more than six hours to complete the ride

Australian cyclists have used "GPS art" to turn a 202km (125-mile) ride into the outline of a goat.

The four men plotted their route on an app before using it track their journey around Perth. When uploaded, it displayed as a picture.

Cyclist Ben Jones said the group settled on a goat because it was "an easy animal to draw".

He said the ride lasted more than six hours, with the men stopping only for food, "nature breaks" and flat tyres.

"Apart from riding 200km, it's relatively simple," Mr Jones told the BBC. "You basically drop little dots on the road and it plans directions out."

GPS art has also been attempted by runners and other cyclists.

Image copyright Ben Jones
Image caption The cyclists even stopped for drinks and snacks along the way

Mr Jones said his group wanted to shake up their regular weekend ride.

"We all ride 10,000km to 15,000km a year," he said.

"Mostly we just ride together as mates and have a good time - that's what this was about."

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The group received much attention after posting their map to social media this week.

One person was amused the goat's beard was in a "hipster" suburb, Leederville. Others enjoyed a description of Mr Jones as "goat guy" in an interview on Australian television.

Image copyright
Image caption Mr Jones was dubbed "goat guy" on Australian TV

For their next piece of GPS art, the group plans to draw a local animal such as the quokka.

"There'll definitely be something coming, I'm sure of that," Mr Jones said.

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