Australian police minister reports himself for using phone in car

An image of Mr Grant's tweet showing the photo he took, and captioned: "Heading home on the Newell stopped at upgrade works and then saw this. A ewe in the back out on a Saturday drive!" Image copyright @troygrant
Image caption Mr Grant reported himself to police after tweeting this photo

An Australian police minister says he did not realise he was breaking the law when he picked up his mobile phone while driving.

Troy Grant, a New South Wales MP, was stationary when he took a photo, which he later tweeted from home.

After being alerted to the illegality, Mr Grant reported himself to police to face a A$325 (£203; $250) fine.

"This serves as a massive reminder. Nobody is above the law even if you are the police minister," Mr Grant said.

The minister had been stopped at roadworks when he photographed a car carrying a sheep in front of him.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Troy Grant hopes his mistake will be a warning to others

"I did not know that what I was doing was against the law," Mr Grant said on Tuesday.

"This is a great lesson for me, and I hope it is something that the community takes a lesson from as well."

Under the state's law, drivers may operate a phone only from a fixed cradle without contact.