Man who outstayed US visa 'by 90 minutes' released

Baxter Reid at the departures gate at Sydney Airport Image copyright Alex Reid
Image caption Baxter Reid was held in the US for more than two weeks

An Australian man detained in the US for overstaying his visa by 90 minutes has been released, his family says.

Baxter Reid, 26, had tried to enter Canada for a holiday just before his US visa expired at midnight on 23 April.

Relatives said Mr Reid was held up by Canadian officials before being sent back to the US, by which time his visa was invalid.

He was released from custody on Wednesday and will not be deported, according to his brother, Alex Reid.

"He's free to leave of his own accord," Alex Reid told the BBC, adding that his brother would be allowed to return.

"He's not angry, he's not upset, he doesn't hold grudges. He's just happy."

'A typical tourist'

Mr Reid was with his American girlfriend, Heather Kancso, when he was handcuffed at the border in upstate New York.

According to his family, Mr Reid was on a visa that required him to leave the country before six months elapsed. He had planned to return to the US after visiting Canada.

Image copyright Alex Reid
Image caption Mr Reid's family expects him to return to Australia

It was not clear why Mr Reid had been turned away by Canada, his brother said.

"He's just a typical Australian tourist just travelling America with his girlfriend," Alex Reid said.

Next step

Ms Kancso had set up an online campaign to pay for an immigration lawyer, raising more than $10,000 (£7,700).

She wrote online: "I am beyond happy to say that Baxter's court case went well."

He had been given 120 days to exit the US voluntarily, she said.

Alex Reid said he expected his brother to return to Australia this month.

"He just wants to have a beer with his mates," he said.

The Australian government confirmed it had offered consular assistance.

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