Kangaroos filmed hopping through rare Australian snow

Media caption, Kangaroos in New South Wales appear to enjoy Australia's rare snowfall

Footage has emerged of kangaroos bounding through a field in Australia that has been blanketed in snow.

After strong winds and freezing winter conditions swept across three south-eastern states, parts of the country experienced rare snowfall.

Twitter user Stephen Grenfell filmed the kangaroos as he drove past their paddock in New South Wales on Saturday.

Posting the clip, he wrote: "Not something you see every day in Australia. Kangaroos in the snow."

In response, another user posted a photo of kangaroos in the snow on a golf course.

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Meteorologists have said this is one of the coldest outbreaks to hit Australia in recent years.

In the capital Canberra local media reported that an Australian rules football match was played in the snow for the first time.

The snowfall also led to road closures outside of Sydney.

The cold front also caused flights cancellations and power cuts in about 10,000 homes in the south of the country.

Australia has experienced extreme weather events in the past year, including floods, bushfires and cyclones.

It also continues to be ravaged by a prolonged drought which has put significant strain on rural communities.

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