Londonderry-Donegal border arms dump search 'ongoing'

Irish police are continuing their search of an arms dump in a border area of County Donegal.

Ammunition and electrical items were found on Tuesday during the planned search, which began on Monday.

The site at Altaderry, on a road linking the villages of Bridgend and Killea, is a few hundred metres from the Irish border.

A Garda spokesperson said the area remains sealed off and the operation is ongoing.

The Gardai earlier said they had found a "significant amount of items".

Local Fine Gael Councillor John Ryan described the discovery as "disturbing".

Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle he said: "Nobody wants this anymore, we've left all this behind us.

"I don't know who these people are representing or where they got their mandate from, but it's none of the constituents I would talk to on a daily basis.

"This whole area is trying very hard to move on from where we were. So really, people are very, very shocked," he said.

Mr Ryan said that the area had been very badly affected by the economic downturn.

"We've been trying to move on from it and this type of activity does nothing for our tourism industry."

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