In quotes: Swedish election

Sweden's centre-right alliance has been re-elected, but lost its overall majority after the far-right Sweden Democrats won its first-ever parliamentary seats in Sunday's general election.

It is not clear how PM Fredrik Reinfeldt, who heads the four-party Alliance for Sweden bloc, will build a governing coalition, as he has ruled out working with the far right. Below are quotes from Swedish political leaders following the results.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Moderate Party leader, Prime Minister

The Moderate Party has won its strongest results since the right to vote was introduced. We have received broad support tonight... (Yet) this is not the election result we had hoped for...

I have been clear on how we will handle this uncertain situation. We will not co-operate, or become dependent on, the Sweden Democrats. I will turn to the Greens to get broader support in parliament...

On many questions there is a possibility for broader cooperation. Not seldom have agreements been made between Social Democrats and alliance parties, but I can't really say more about that, if there is any room for that now. We have to see how the Social Democrats define their road ahead.

Mona Sahlin, leader of the opposition Social-Democrats

We had a bad election, a really bad election. We were not able to gain back the loss in confidence the voters had in us in the last election and I take that very seriously.

Now it is up to Fredrik Reinfeldt to show how he intends to rule Sweden without allowing the Sweden Democrats to get any political influence. My answer is still the same- never ever, not a single time, will we work with them.

Maria Wetterstrand, co-chair of the Green Party

It would be very difficult for us after this campaign to look our voters in the eyes and say we have agreed to co-operate with this government.

Jimmie Akesson, leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats

Party colleagues, we're in Parliament. We have been subjected to censorship - a media boycott - as we have not been invited to any of the official debates. We have been denied the right to advertise in several newspapers, we have in many ways been treated as anything but a political party in this election campaign.

Even so, today we stand here with a fantastic result. The situation is a bit uncertain just now, but we have four years ahead of us to speak out on the issues that matter to us and influence Swedish politics.

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