Travelling hopefully: Your snow stories

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Heavy snowfall and icy conditions are causing travel chaos in parts of Europe.

Germany's main air hub, Frankfurt, was forced to cancel almost 300 flights and Heathrow Airport in the UK said it would continue to run only 30% of flights until 0600 GMT on Wednesday.

BBC News website readers describe their experiences of the heavy snow and travel disruptions.

Tuesday 21 December

Kristian Schuhmacher: Five flights cancelled from German airports

I've been working just outside Frankfurt for the last six months, and this would be my first time going back to the UK since I arrived in Germany.

I have been trying to get back from Germany to the UK and my parents since Friday. I have had five flights cancelled from both Frankfurt and Dusseldorf airports.

I have now spent 500 euros (£419) extra on train travel and food, and trying to support myself.

I have given up on air travel - I've heard that some people are paying up to £2500 on flights to get back to the UK. I have arranged to catch a lift with a friend who is being picked up by his parents on Wednesday - providing they can drive from Herefordshire in the UK to Frankfurt via Calais.

My mum is very depressed and frustrated at the idea I might not get home - she is dreading it.

Linda Groom: Stuck in London, trying to get back to Australia

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Linda is keen to see her husband and children for Christmas

I was due to leave the UK on Saturday 18 December after two months spent here doing research. My husband and two grown-up daughters are waiting for me and hoping that I will arrive on Christmas morning. I haven't broken the bad news to them yet that I might not make it.

I managed to get to the airport on Saturday via a severely delayed tube, but on arrival at Heathrow, we met a wave of people coming away from the check-in area who informed us that the flight had been cancelled.

I tried again on Sunday morning to catch my re-scheduled flight and this time splashed out on a taxi to Heathrow. The taxi met traffic jams near the airport and, at my request, dropped me off about a kilometre away.

I trudged through the snow with my bags and found myself accompanied by people trying to haul luggage up snow banks. There was a kind of camaraderie - people were speaking to each other and directing each other.

I got as far as the check-in only to find that my flight had again been cancelled.

I am now rebooked to fly on Christmas eve. I was miserable about two days ago but I guess it's all relative. There are some people who have been stuck at the airport for three days - at least I am warm and comfortable while I wait as I have managed to extend my stay at the flat I have been using.

But my hopes of sharing Christmas with my family and of having cold turkey and strawberries on the beach are fading.

Nick Chaddock: On honeymoon, trying to get to the UK

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Nick is on honeymoon having recently married

My wife and I are on a honeymoon from hell.

We have spent three days and two nights stuck in Hong Kong between Seoul and London.

We were planning to spend a few days in London with friends, but now we won't make it. We're now just hoping to get back to my mother's house in York for Christmas.

We do have another flight now though, hopefully we'll be taking off in about an hour.

Our airline has been absolutely useless. It's impossible to get through to them on the phone. Why are they operating on UK calling times, when it's an international company?

This is meant to be our honeymoon but it's been so stressful. We're fed up - we just want to get back now.

Steve Doyle: Stranded in Milan at the end of his honeymoon

My wife and I are currently stuck in Milan.

We were due back from our honeymoon in Mauritius on Sunday morning, but were diverted here because of the weather.

We managed to book a flight with another carrier, only to be turned away as we we boarding. We're now hoping to fly this afternoon.

I must say that we have been treated very well here - we were put straight into a hotel. I really feel for those stuck at the airports.

Like everyone, we just want to be home for Christmas. Our parents and friends are obviously keen to see us after our honeymoon.