In pictures: Women march against Berlusconi

image captionItalian women have been holding a day of rallies nationwide against embattled Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. This mother at a protest in Rome has a placard reading, "Berlusconi, like that!".
image captionCentral Rome's Piazza del Popolo - or People's Square - was crammed with tens of thousands of people. Organisers of the protests say Mr Berlusconi has denigrated women with his recent sex scandals. He has denied any wrongdoing.
image captionThe "Bunga Bunga" on the signs of these protesters in Rome alludes to alleged orgies held by the premier at his residences. Prosecutors in Milan last week moved to have Mr Berlusconi put on trial for allegedly paying for sex with an underage girl.
image captionProtesters marched through more than 60 towns and cities nationwide, including Milan, Naples, Palermo, Bari, Trieste and Venice.
image captionTens of thousands of men and women gathered in the rain in the northern city of Milan, where one protester said Italian women had become "a joke in the rest of the world".
image captionThe day of demonstrations had a title - Se non ora, quando? (If not now, when?) - and organisers say it was meant to express the frustration of women, such as these protesters in Naples.
image captionThere was a protest in Paris, where men joined in to show solidarity with women. Despite the recent negative publicity, Mr Berlusconi's approval ratings are still around 35%, and he retains the support of his main coalition ally.
image captionIn the Spanish capital Madrid, protesters carried signs saying "Enough" and saying they were marching "for the dignity of women".

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