Romanian police investigating internet fraud arrest 90

image captionAround 1,000 online shoppers sent off their money in good faith, but never got the goods

Police investigating a massive online shopping scam have arrested around 90 people across Romania.

The suspects are accused of cheating online shoppers of an estimated $20m (£12.4m) by selling fictitious goods on sites such as eBay and

Hundreds of victims, most of them in the United States, paid for their purchases, but never received them.

Prosecutors say the fraudsters used false identities to transfer money back to Romania from abroad.

Police searched more than 110 houses in nine cities.

They believe an organised crime gang with a broad network posted false adverts for goods such as cars, motorbikes, boats and electronics.

An estimated 1,000 shoppers were cheated in the scam.

Romanian investigators on the case are working closely with the US authorities.

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