Italy's new leader: Your views

Man holding Berlusconi and Monti figurines
Image caption Figurines of former PM Berlusconi and his successor Mario Monti have been selling in Italy

Former EU commissioner, Mario Monti, has been asked to form a new Italian government to tackle an acute debt crisis which prompted the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi.

Mr Monti said he was starting urgent talks with his cabinet, aiming to restore the country's finances.

He added that he will be begin consultations on who will be in his government from Monday.

Italians have been telling the BBC what they think of the latest developments.

Fabio Costa, businessman in Imola: 'I'm happy but worried'

Image caption Fabio Costa: "Berlusconi's government did absolutely nothing in 17 years"

A government with Mario Monti was the only solution for now - there was no other alternative.

The opposition didn't prepare a clear alternative. They're better than the Berlusconi government and by next month they might have plans in place, but for now they don't.

Berlusconi's government did absolutely nothing in 17 years. If I concentrate and try to remember an important thing they did, I can't think of anything.

I work with a company that trades with the US so things haven't been easy lately. I hope to keep my job.

I'm very happy that Berlusconi will be resigning but at the same time I'm worried about the future.

Everything is uncertain at the moment.

Paolo Betta, IT worker in Brescia: 'Berlusconi was the best PM'

Italy has lost another opportunity to progress by losing Silvio Berlusconi: he was the best prime minister Italy has ever had.

The problem in Italy is that the parties on the left aren't providing an alternative. For 20 years they have been fighting Berlusconi - it's the only thing they've been doing.

Image caption Paolo Betta: "What we appreciated from Berlusconi were his policies"

I'm not a stupid person - I've got a degree in Mathematical Science. The reason why I don't support the left is that they don't have a political programme.

The right, on the other hand, has provided lots of changes in public administration and universities.

Italian products are exported all over the world. Not just food but in the mechanical sector too, from Fiat to Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

Berlusconi has been a positive for Italy. Yes he's had personal problems and issues with corruption, but no-one follows the rules perfectly in Italy.

But what we appreciated from him were his policies which were really effective.

He really tried to solve Italy's problems, and there are lots of people in Italy who agree with me.

Maria Spinelli, civil servant in Bologna: 'I'm celebrating'

First of all, I'm celebrating the end of the "Berlusconi kingdom"! This is the most important moment in our recent history and I feel so excited like many other Italians.

Then, we need to assume our responsibilities and make sacrifices, but parliament and politicians must do the same and should make an effort. They need to particularly punish tax evasion, the number one cause of very high taxes we are forced to pay.

People abroad can't understand how much Berlusconi is hated in Italy.

People will be out in the streets celebrating, in all the squares in Italy but particularly in Rome.

This has been a nightmare which is finally over.

The only good thing Berlusconi did was to organise the G8 in l'Aquila. He took all the big politicians to the town that had suffered an earthquake.

Other than that, we have been so embarrassed by the way Berlusconi has behaved.

At the same time, I want to say that the problem is the electoral law which always enabled him to stay in power.

Something is really sick with this man - he just bought people in to parliament. Berlusconi just disregarded all our values and everything we cared for.

Paolo Baraggia, doctor from Lombardy and working in UK: Eurozone 'better shape than UK'

Image caption Paolo Barraggia: "Family debt is very low: socially it's a very stable country"

There is a huge debt that no-one has dealt with. Berlusconi has failed to do that, so a technocrat is what Italy needs at the moment and I'm happy with what's been going on.

It's the political situation that is critical in Italy, but not because of economics. I think that the Eurozone is in better shape than the US or the UK.

The system in Italy is not based on high rate of growth, which is more common in Anglo Saxon economies - this is not very well understood in the UK.

We need to make changes to how Italy is perceived abroad: Italy is a rich country with immense equities. Family debt is very low, and socially it's a very stable country with a free education and health service.