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A Croatian man reads a daily newspapers with front page coverage of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in Paris, in Zagreb, on April 16, 2019Image source, Getty Images

TV is the main source of news, followed by the internet. As well as a digital terrestrial TV (DTT) service, there are established cable, satellite and internet protocol TV (IPTV) operators.

Public broadcaster HRT is funded by advertising and a licence fee. It faces stiff competition from private networks, including leading national station Nova TV, which is owned by a US investment company.

Radio is a popular medium, with national and local commercial networks operating alongside public HRT.

Austrian and German media companies have stakes in the print media. A tabloid, 24 Sata, is the best-selling newspaper. In line with worldwide trends, circulation figures for the printed press are falling.

Reporters face harassment and occasional attacks, says US-based Freedom House. Reporters without Borders says government "meddling" at HRT is a problem.

There were 3.7 million internet users by December 2021, comprising 92% of the population (




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