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Newspapers compete fiercely for the attention of Austrians

Austria's public broadcaster, Oesterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), is a major player in the TV and radio markets. It faces competition from private broadcasters.

Cable or satellite TV is available in most homes and is often used to watch German stations, some of which carry programmes for Austrian viewers.

A daily newspaper is a must for many Austrians. National and regional titles contest fiercely for readers. The print media are owned by a handful of mostly Austrian and German media groups.

US-based NGO Freedom House gave Austria a 4/4 score for media freedom and independence in 2018. Reporters Without Borders says "press freedom is very well set-up".

Around 88% of Austrians were online by December 2017 (InternetWorldStats). ORF operates one of the leading news sites. Facebook and YouTube are the top social media platforms.

The press

  • ORF - public broadcaster, operates national channels ORF 1, ORF 2
  • ATV - national, commercial; via cable and terrestrially
  • ORF - public, operates Radio Oesterreich 1, pop music station OE3, youth station FM4 and a tier of regional services
  • Krone Hit Radio - commercial, nationally-networked pop music station
  • Energy 104.2 - commercial, Vienna pop music station
  • Radio Arabella - commercial, Vienna music station