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North Macedonians consume much of their news - including the weekly Forum - online

Television is North Macedonia's most popular news medium. Public broadcaster MRT has stiff competition from five national commercial stations, which dominate the ratings.

The media landscape includes TV stations operated by major business concerns on the one hand, and small-circulation newspapers and news websites on the other.

Political polarisation is evident, with many outlets being clearly pro-government or pro-opposition in their editorial stances.

A leading press group closed three of its daily newspapers in 2017 amid long-running financial problems. Many printed publications survive with financial help from the government or business groups.

There were 1.6 million internet users by June 2019 ( Facebook is the top social media platform.

The press

  • MRT - state-owned, operates three national networks and satellite network
  • Sitel TV - private, national
  • Kanal 5 - private, national
  • Telma - private, national
  • Alsat-M - private, national, in Albanian