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Television is the most popular medium. The leading station is Prime, which rebroadcasts Russia's Channel One alongside its own output.

Public Moldova One TV broadcasts nationally.

Political battles between the pro-Russia and pro-West camps are played out in the media.

Russian TV is popular, but officials have taken steps to curb "propaganda" by suspending rebroadcasts of some stations.

Most private FM radio networks rebroadcast output from Russian and Romanian stations.

Many outlets are loss-making and rely on funding from oligarchs and politicians who tend to use them to promote their interests.

The press divides along party political lines. Moldovan editions of Russian papers are popular, but the overall reach of the press is low and in decline.

The internet is the second most important source of news after TV. Nearly 2.9 million Moldovans were online by 2017 - around 71% of the population (

The top social network is Russia's Odnoklassniki, followed by Facebook.

Breakaway Trans-Dniester region operates its own media.

The press

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