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Minarets share the skyline with office towers in downtown Tirana, the Albanian capitalImage source, Getty Images
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Minarets share the skyline with office blocks in the Albanian capital Tirana

TV is the most popular medium, but the internet is closing the gap.

As well as TV networks run by public RTSH, there are three national privately-owned TVs - Top Channel, TV Klan and Vizion Plus, and scores of local stations. Two companies offer digital terrestrial (DTT) and satellite packages.

Besides national radios run by RTSH there are two national commercial networks and scores of local and regional stations. The BBC broadcasts on 103.9 FM in Tirana.

Ownership of broadcast media is concentrated in the hands of a few business figures.

The media are generally free. TV and radio are regulated by an independent body and the press self-regulates. Press freedom groups say that self-censorship can arise from media owners' business and political interests, and from the influence of organised crime groups.

In 2020, Freedom House classified freedoms of press and speech in Albania as "partly free" from political interference and manipulation.

Albania is said to be at risk from the impact of disinformation, but there is no sign of concerted efforts to produce fake news.

Around 2.2 million Albanians were online by July 2022, 76% of the population ( The state does not restrict online access. Facebook is the top social network.




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