Confused driver 'parks' car in Paris metro station

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Media captionNo-one was hurt in the bizarre incident in the French capital

A confused driver has ended up trapping his car on the steps of a Paris metro station, after mistaking it for the entrance to an underground car park.

"There's a sign saying 'Haussmann Parking' right in front... I made a mistake," the driver - identified only as Johan - told the AFP news agency.

The 26-year-old managed to brake in time to stop the vehicle, leaving the back wheels sticking out.

No-one was hurt in the incident, which immediately drew a crowd of onlookers.

Many took pictures of the car - a Dacia Duster - stranded on the stairs at the Chaussee d'Antin-La Fayette metro station.

The driver was later asked by French police to do an alcohol test, which he passed.

A member of staff at a local restaurant was quoted by AFP as saying that a similar incident took place at the site about five years ago.