Profile: Grigorios Papadopoulos

Our panel of Greek residents share their experiences of living in Greece during this tense political and economic time. Here, Grigorios Papadopoulos describes his background.

Age: 33

Location: Athens

Profession: Technical editor at PC Magazine Greece

"I've been working at the magazine for three years. When I started the job I earned about €15.5k I now earn, €13k for the year 2011 after cuts.

I live by myself in the suburbs of Athens and I work three miles away from my home.

The measure that has affected me the most is the one that has had an impact on all of us, the change in VAT.

It is now 23% and affects most products, even those that are considered necessities, such as bread and groceries.

Fuel prices have almost doubled within the last few years, due to taxation. A couple of years ago you'd pay about €1 per litre, it is now €1.70 per litre. Utility bills have sky-rocketed as well, for the same reasons.

Everything is going up really fast, except of course our wages, they are going downhill.

The real problem is that there are more new measures every month. You can't even begin to make a plan to cope with it. The latest one is a "special levy-tax" which amounts to 1% of my total income.

Add to that we are all running dry of cash."

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