Greenland profile - Leaders

Queen: Margrethe II of Denmark

Prime Minister: Kim Kielsen

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Kim Kielsen took office as prime minister in December 2014, following a coalition deal struck in the wake of snap elections.

Mr Kielsen had assumed office on an acting basis in October 2014, when Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond stepped down over a spending scandal.

Ms Hammond, Greenland's first woman prime minister, won the 2013 election for the Siumit social-democratic party, beating the left-wing pro-independence Inuit Ataqatigiit party of outgoing prime minister Kuupik Kleist.

She had campaigned on a platform of lifting the Danish-imposed ban on uranium extraction, which restricted the development of Greenland's rare-earth mining industry. Parliament voted to lift the ban in October 2013.

But a coalition partner withdrew and two ministers from her own party quit over her alleged misuse of public funds for flights and hotels, making her position untenable. Mr Kielsen, environment minister in the Hammond government, took over leadership of Siumut and called snap elections in November 2014, which produced a hung parliament.

He was confirmed in the post of prime minister following a coalition deal with the Atassut and Demokraatit parties. Before entering politics, Mr Kielsen was a policeman and also worked as a youth social project coordinator.

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