Man arrested in Italy for Brindisi school bomb

A picture of Melissa Bassi is seen on 20 May 2012 following a blast that killed 16-year-old Melissa Bassi.
Image caption Melissa Bassi was in a group outside the school when the blast took place

Police have arrested a suspect in the bombing of a school in Italy last month, in which a 16-year-old girl was killed, local media says.

The Italian news agency Ansa said the suspect was a 68-year-old petrol pump attendant who may have a grudge against the principal of the school in the south-eastern city of Brindisi.

A remote-controlled bomb at the school gates went off as students arrived.

Melissa Bassi was killed and five others were wounded in the blast.

After initially suggesting there may be a link to the mafia, police later said the perpetrator was likely to be a lone attacker.

According to reports, the principal used to teach in the town the suspect comes from - Lecce, 30 minutes drive to the south.

Police said they had interviewed 1,400 people and carried out 32 searches during the investigation.

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