Greece election: Your reactions

The leader of the centre-right New Democracy party in Greece has declared victory in the general election and said his country must remain anchored in the European single currency.

Antonis Samaras's New Democracy party beat the anti-bailout Syriza party but did not win enough seats to form an outright majority.

Mr Samaras is now seeking to create a coalition government.

BBC News website readers in Greece have been sending in their views:

Natalia Adamaki, Elounda

Image caption Mother-of-two Natalia, 33, is sceptical about what the future holds for Greece

I voted for Dimiourgia Xana, a party which speaks the voice of reason, wanting real change in Greece.

Unfortunately most Greek parties and their voters view the austerity measures as a necessary/unnecessary evil in order to secure the next instalment in the bailout loan and don't want to admit that these changes are absolutely vital in order for us to finally become a financially viable country.

My reaction to New Democracy is generally positive but I am sceptical as to what changes will actually be made.

Neither New Democracy or Pasok will take on the challenge of closing down large companies that don't make any money or sacking public officials who are engaging in corruption.

If they form a coalition, they will have a strong and vocal opposition in Syriza, who will be at complete loggerheads at them and it wouldn't surprise me if we saw people out in the streets again.

Angie Athanassiades, Athens

I am feeling extremely disappointed. I feel very embarrassed about the outcome of the vote.

I cast a blank vote. I stood in the booth, went through all the ballot papers a few times and just could not bring myself to vote for any of them.

In Greece, at least until recently, blank votes count for the first party that is voted in, the party with a majority.

I had felt that at least that way my vote would support the majority, even if that was not won by a party I favoured. It was a last desperate stand in favour of democracy.

But now I regret not voting for Syriza.

I am sick and tired of Pasok and New Democracy because of the way these parties have behaved in the past.

I think those who voted for New Democracy chose the conservative option, but it was not the right option.

Helleni Skiada, Athens

Image caption Helleni Skiada thinks Greece should stay in the euro

I am delighted by the result. It is not the perfect result as it looks likely that we will still need to reach a coalition agreement.

New Democracy must find a suitable partner, although it looks as if Pasok may be the likely option.

I feel without New Democracy leading the poll, we would have entered a very dangerous situation.

It is important for us to make our mark and also make sure that whatever negotiations we enter into will ensure that we pay off our debts.

That is our priority as if we can't pay, we will be forced out of the eurozone. But the euro is the currency of Europe.

We need to now focus on helping Greece's economy to grow.

Paravoliasis Panagiotis, 30, Piraeus

Image caption Paravoliasis Panagiotis is disappointed with the result but says there could be a positive outcome

I felt that we needed a fresh start so I decided to vote for the Coalition of Radical Left.

I felt that the other parties were too close to the old order that had created the country's problems in the first place.

The result was very narrow and there is a sense of stalemate. There are no great expectations at the moment.

The future is not in the hands of the Greek PM but with the European Union.

I'm disappointed with the result but a positive outcome might be that the New Democratic party will have to listen to the representatives of the working class and the poor. It may also mean that the worst aspects of austerity will be held back.

Markella Tsakou, 60, Chios Island

Image caption Markella Tsakou says that stable government is the main priority

I voted for the Green party which didn't do as well in the elections. This is more or less what I expected.

I'm not happy with the results but hopefully there will be a new government within the next couple of days. Any government is better than none.

I'm concerned as to whether two vastly different parties can form a coalition but we'll see.

There's a rumour that this government may only last for a couple of years but we need stability at the moment. Greece is on the verge of a catastrophe and nobody likes us.

There are no jobs for our children and we have debts to pay.

Greece needs to remain in the eurozone. We've high expectations and have made too many sacrifices.

George Karpouzas, 37, Athens

Image caption George Karpouzas says that the result is a victory for common sense

I decided to vote for the New Democracy party as did many people in my circle. We were amazed that the eventual result of the election was so tight.

The main reason for this was the desire for tradition and order. Tradition is important in Greece and we didn't want to endanger our European connection.

We know that our partners won't allow us to have Europe a la carte.

This isn't an easy decision for us to take as there will still be internal conflict between different sections of Greek society.

However, the right decision has been made. It's a victory for common sense.