Dog stabbed to death in Donegal village

A family pet has been stabbed to death and had its throat slit in an attack in the Donegal village of St Johnston this week.

Over 1000 euros has been offered as a reward, including 500 euros from Donegal based Pets In Distress charity.

The dog, a German shepherd called Rex, was a family pet whose owner "loved the dog with every fibre of his being".

They said they had never received complaints about Rex and had no idea why he was attacked.


Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle, sisters Eva and Cathy Peoples said their brother Trevor went to let Rex out of the shed and found the lock broken from the door. They described the scene as horrific.

"It was like a bloodbath. It was like a whole load of animals had been killed, not just one. There was a coal bag covered in blood, blood on the floor and on the walls.

"You couldn't imagine what he must have felt. The heartbreaking part is knowing how much he suffered."


The sisters, grieving the loss of their mother who died from cancer five weeks ago said the death of Rex has brought added pain to the family at a time when it is not needed.

"Mummy loved that dog. That's what hurts the most, Mummy thought the world of that dog."

Founder of the Pets In Distress charity, Michael Forde, said he was "shocked" at what happened to the animal.

"I've been involved with animal welfare for over 20 years and I've never seen anything as brutal as this.

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing that someone would go to lengths and extremes to inflict such pain on an innocent animal," said Mr Forde.

The Irish police are investigating the incident.