Cuts to teacher salary unfair, says unions

Teachers starting work for the first time in the Irish Republic will be paid more than 11,000 euros less than in 2010, according to new figures.

Teachers' unions said the figures show that new teachers on full hours will receive a salary which is substantially less than in previous years.

The unions have described the cuts as "unfair".

They say this is the third pay cut imposed on new teachers and schools and teaching will be affected.

The non-payment of allowances, announced by the Department of Education and Skills earlier this year, has meant that new teachers starting work in 2012 will receive a salary of just over 27,000 euros.

The unions said these allowances were an integral part of salaries as they reflected extra work, additional skills and further qualifications.

They also argued that many newly-qualified teachers will be attracted by better salaries and improved job security elsewhere and will emigrate.

The union said this will eventually leave the Irish Republic short of teachers.