Dutch Facebook murder: Two teenagers jailed

Image source, PA
Image caption, Comments posted on a Facebook page are said to have led to the murder

A Dutch court has sentenced an 18-year-old man and his 16-year-old girlfriend in connection with the murder of a schoolgirl following a row on Facebook.

Polly W and Wesley C were convicted of encouraging a third teenager, who has already been sentenced, to carry out the killing.

They were sentenced to two years in juvenile detention and three years in a psychiatric clinic.

Joyce "Winsie" Hau, 15 was stabbed at her home in Arnhem in January.

Jinhua K, 15, was given the maximum sentence for his age of one year in juvenile detention as well as up to three years in a psychiatric institution for carrying out the killing.

According to court proceedings, the row started when school friends Polly W and Joyce Hau fell out over comments Joyce had posted on Polly's Facebook wall.

Jinhua K later argued that he had been put under pressure by Polly W and was unable to disobey her.

He denied being paid to carry out the killing.

Experts said he was suffering from a severe behavioural disorder with psychopathic tendencies.

Prosecutors had asked for Polly W and Wesley C to be tried under adult law, but the court said juvenile prison and psychiatric care would best serve their interests, local media reported.

Their three years in the psychiatric clinic include a suspended sentence of one year.

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