Ingushetia profile

The authorities stand accused of stifling media freedom and of silencing opposition. The meagre local media scene consists almost entirely of official outlets.

Ingushetia is "a lawless zone where enemies of the press can attack journalists with impunity", says the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Russia's main national radio and TV networks are available. The sole, local terrestrial TV service is an opt-out of the national state-owned TV channel Rossiya.

Television is the main source of news and information, with Russian national networks commanding the lion's share of the audience.

Russia's national state-run Radio Russia and Mayak networks and the private entertainment-based network Serebryanyy Dozhd (Silver Rain) operate transmitters in Nazran.

In 2011, US-based Freedom House highlighted attempts by local authorities to block access to the blogging platform LiveJournal, on the grounds of extremist content.

Magomed Yevloyev, the editor of an opposition website, died from gunshot wounds after being detained by police in 2008.

The press

  • Serdalo - thrice-weekly, owned by local government
  • Ingushetiya - weekly, owned by local government


  • GTRK Ingushetiya - local opt-out of national state-owned TV channel Rossiya


  • GTRK Ingushetiya - local opt-out of state-run Radio Russia


  • - official site, featuring reports from president's press service