Tesco pay damages to Aldi over inaccurate price comparisons

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The Commercial Court in Dublin has been told that a settlement has been reached between Aldi and Tesco.

The German chain sued its supermarket competitor over inaccurate price comparisons.

Tesco have now agreed to pay Aldi 150,000 euro (£120,000) in damages

Aldi had alleged that Tesco infringed its trademarks in an in-store campaign that involved inaccurate and unfair comparisons between products sold by the two supermarket chains.

The discount retailer alleged that Tesco had failed to compare like with like, had not stated the correct sale price of relevant Aldi products and had failed to compare the relevant quantities.

Aldi had used the example of a bag of mint humbugs.

It claimed that Tesco had compared prices between the two stores stating the weight of both bags was 250g. Aldi said, in fact, the weight of the Tesco bag was 200g.

Other examples included wine, meat and bread products.

Tesco has undertaken not to engage in misleading price comparisons or to make comparisons with different weights without carrying out and displaying accurate weight price comparisons.

Aldi says it will forward the 150,000 euro settlement to the St Vincent de Paul charity.

Legal costs were also awarded to Aldi.

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