As it happened: Ukraine crisis

Key points

  • Russia's President Vladimir Putin says there is no need to send Russian troops to Ukraine, but the use of force remains "a last resort"
  • Mr Putin says Russia reserves the right to intervene if there is "lawlessness" in Russian-speaking areas of eastern Ukraine
  • US Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned what he describes as "Russia's act of aggression in Ukraine"
  • US President Barack Obama said Mr Putin was "not fooling anyone" and that Russia had no right to intervene in Crimea
  • Ukraine's interim government says 16,000 Russian troops are now deployed across Crimea
  • Moscow has agreed to attend an extraordinary meeting of Nato members on Wednesday. All times GMT

Live text


  • Sarah Fowler 
  • Richard Irvine-Brown 
  • Alix Kroeger 
  • Nina Lamparski 
  • Alastair Lawson 
  • Andree Massiah 
  • Bernadette McCague 

Last updated 4 March 2014

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