Rogue trader Jerome Kerviel leaves French jail

Jerome Kerviel was initially arrested in 2008 (18 May) Image copyright AFP
Image caption Kerviel has spent about five months in jail since his arrest in 2008

French rogue trader Jerome Kerviel has left prison to serve the rest of his sentence wearing an electronic tag.

"I want to rebuild my life," Kerviel told reporters as he left Fleury Merogis prison, south of Paris.

Kerviel, 37, was convicted of forgery and breach of trust after his trades lost his bank, Societe Generale, 4.9bn euros (£3.9bn; $6.3bn) in 2008.

He was given a three-year jail term in 2010 and after appeals, his conviction was upheld in March this year.

He spent two months walking from Rome to France before going to jail.

The public prosecutor ordered him to remain in jail last month after a judge ruled Kerviel could be freed if he remained under supervision with an electronic tag on his ankle.

"I am super happy to leave today," Kerviel said as he left the jail.

"I want to have a normal life with my loved ones, start a family and finally be able to enjoy life."

Under the terms of the electronic tagging order, Kerviel will have to remain at home on weekday nights.

He has so far spent a total of about five months in custody.

He was initially jailed after his arrest in March 2008 after his 50bn-euro gambling spree on the markets had emerged.

Although he had originally generated more than 1.4bn euros in profits in 2007, within months that had turned into enormous losses.

He argued that Societe Generale had known what he was doing but turned a blind eye.

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