Frenchman marries stepmother after court battle

Elisabeth Lorentz and Eric Holder. File photo Image copyright AFP
Image caption Elisabeth Lorentz and Eric Holder finally married in the village of Dabo

A man in France has married his father's former wife, after a court battle that lasted for months.

The wedding of Eric Holder, 45, and his former stepmother Elisabeth Lorentz, 48, took place in the north-eastern village of Dabo, near the city of Metz.

The ex-husband of the bride, Mr Holder's father, was also reportedly among dozens of guests at the ceremony.

French law bans all unions between stepchildren and stepparents. But a court ruled in the couple's favour.

The prosecutor's office opposed the decision by the local court in the Lorraine region, but decided not to appeal.

The couple had earlier argued their case all the way to the office of President Francois Hollande - only to get a letter confirming that such marriages were prohibited.

After the local court's decision, Ms Lorentz said: "At last, it's the big day!"

"I simply hope that our story will be useful other couples in our situation, because I know there are some," she told AFP news agency.

And she added that her former husband "has always supported us" in the legal battle.