Waterford fire service urges end to accident photos

Firefighters in the Republic of Ireland have urged people not to take "ghoulish" photographs of accident scenes.

It follows the death of a two-year-old girl who was hit by a truck in Waterford city on Tuesday morning.

The local fire service said crew at the scene "were astounded by the number of people trying to capture the incident on their phones".

"Why do people do this? It's ghoulish, thoughtless and extremely distasteful."

Writing on its Facebook page, Waterford City Fire Service said there was a growing trend of people filming or photographing such incidents.

"Sometimes it's enough to know that horrible things happen without having to see them.

"Most obviously there's the matter of respect for the dignity of the people involved and the desire of paramount importance to not add to the grief and anguish felt by their families and friends.

"So if you know somebody who considers this kind of thing alright, ask them to think about it just a little more."

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