County Kerry chef pays £370 for chip shop sauce squirt

Tomato ketchup bottle - file pic Image copyright Getty Images

A chef frightened staff at a chip shop by squirting tomato ketchup, a court has been told.

Mindaugas Knyza, 37, squirted the sauce and threw chips in the Hungry Knight fast food restaurant in Sneem, County Kerry, for 15 minutes.

Knyza pleaded guilty, but avoided a conviction, after agreeing to pay €500 (£370) to a court poor box.

"I ordered chips - I don't know what happened," he said, appearing to shrug his shoulders.

The judge said: "Nobody wants to hire a chef with a conviction - especially for squirting tomato and mustard sauce all over the place."

Police were called to the incident on 20 September, last year.

'Poor box'

Knyza, a resident of Sneem Holiday Village, told the court he worked as a chef at a hotel.

The judge said Knyza appeared to be "blasé" about the charge.

He warned him that he should consider making a contribution to the court poor box to avoid a conviction.

The judge adjourned the matter briefly and Knyza decided to consult with his solicitor.

He then offered €500 to the court and this was accepted.

The judge gave him until next October to pay.

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