Macedonia flash floods kill four, including children

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Homes in the village of Sipkovica were damaged by landslides

Flash floods in northern Macedonia have killed at least four people, including three children, and injured about a dozen more, officials say.

Mudslides have engulfed local roads and cut off a number of mountain villages around the city of Tetovo.

City mayor Teuta Arifi said Monday night's rainstorm was the worst in 30 years.

Rescue teams are still looking for people missing, including a six-year-old girl from a nearby village.

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Heavy rain on Monday brought mud, stones and debris onto homes and vehicles
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A relief effort for stricken families is under way

More than 200 houses in the area were damaged as well as several roads, bridges and many vehicles, Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski told reporters on Tuesday.

One village, Sipkovica, looked as though "a huge tsunami has gone through it", Associated Press quoted him as saying.

The government declared Wednesday and Thursday to be days of mourning in Tetovo.