Migrant crisis: Ireland to take in 4,000 refugees

Syrian children fetching water in a refugee camp Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Syrian children fetching water in a refugee camp

The Republic of Ireland is to take in 4,000 refugees amid growing public outcry over the tens of thousands of people fleeing to Europe.

Irish Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said people would be welcomed under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme.

She was speaking after an Irish cabinet meeting on Thursday.

She said a network of emergency and orientation centres would be established across Ireland.

The minister said the programme - to focus primarily on women and children - would cost 12m euros (£8.7m) a year for every 1,000 refugees.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Ms Fitzgerald said Ireland would take in 4,000 refugees

The first people are expected to arrive in the next few weeks.

"We will put in place all the necessary supports to ensure that those coming to Ireland can integrate as well as helping them to overcome any trauma they endured on having to flee their home countries," she said.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Tens of thousands of people are crossing the Mediterranean sea to seek refuge in Europe

"Special arrangements involving the relevant state agencies will be put in place to support the needs for unaccompanied, vulnerable children."

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