Paris attacks: Who were the victims?

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The 13 November terror attacks in Paris claimed 130 lives, murdered on the streets, on café-terraces, at the Stade de France and the Bataclan concert hall.

Here we list all the victims for whom the BBC has details.

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Anne & Pierre-Yves Guyomard, 29 & 43

Anne and Pierre-Yves Guyomard, who married two years ago, were killed at the Bataclan. The couple hoped to have children "some time soon", their friend Leslie Winer told the Associated Press news agency. Mrs Guyomard was a former student of musicology and a childcare assistant at a nursery in the outskirts of Paris.

Anne-Laure Arruebo, 36

Anne-Laure Arruebo worked as a customs inspector according to French media. She was sitting outside one of the cafés which was attacked.

Armelle Pumir Anticevic, 46

Armelle Pumir Anticevic was a production manager who lived in Paris and attended the concert with her husband, who survived. She was an extraordinary person who loved life, a friend told L'Independant

Asta Daikite, 35

French footballer Lassana Diarra revealed on Twitter that he had lost his cousin, Asta Diakite, in one of the shootings. He said she was like a "big sister" to him. She had gone shopping with a nephew and was shot dead in the attack on the bar and restaurant in the rue Alibert.

Bertrand Navarret, 38

Bertrand Navarret was a carpenter. He had trained as a lawyer and practised for a few years, but decided to take up carpentry instead and learned his trade in Canada before moving to Capbreton, a surfing hotspot in south-western France. Surfing was his real passion, according to Liberation newspaper. He died at the Bataclan.

Cecile Coudon Peccadeau de L'Isle, 37

A customs inspector who died along with her colleague Anne-Laure Arruebo. Their trade union praised them on a personal and professional level, saying they were dedicated to their work.

Cecile Martin, 33

Cecile Martin was a clinical psychologist. She died at the Bataclan.

Cedric Ginestou, 27

Management consultant Cedric Ginestou was at the Belle Equipe on the rue de Charonne when it was attacked. He graduated from business school in Bordeaux in 2012 before moving to Paris.

Charlotte & Emilie Meaud, 29

Twin sisters Charlotte and Emilie Meaud died at Le Carillon. Charlotte was in charge of investments in start-up firms at Scientipole, a venture capital firm. Emilie was an architect with Chartier Dalix. The firm said it had lost "a colleague and a friend".

Chloe Boissinot, 27

Chloe Boissinot was a student of land management who was dining at Le Petit Cambodge. She was originally from Château-Larcher in the Poitou-Charentes region, where 150 people held a silence in her honour. Neighbours there told France Bleu Poitou she came from a "really generous family".

Christophe Mutez, 48

Christophe Mutez was an employee of PROS France, a software firm. He died in the Bataclan attack. He is described as "kind and generous" in online tributes.

Christophe Lellouche, 33

Christophe Lellouche, was a fan of l'Olympique de Marseille football club and was a former online communications professional. He died at the Bataclan. A friend told La Provence newspaper how Christophe had helped him through a period of severe illness.

Christopher Neuet-Shalter, 39

Christopher Neuet-Shalter was a digital marketing consultant from Paris and father of an 11-year-old girl. "He was kind, sweet, bright, always there for those close to him," his partner told Le Parisien newspaper. "If you mentioned his daughter's name, his face lit up."

Ciprian Calciu 32, & Lacramioara Pop, 29

Romanian couple Ciprian Calciu and Lacramioara Pop were parents of an 18-month-old son. They were reportedly celebrating a birthday party at La Belle Equipe bistro when they died. Lacramioara also had an 11-year-old daughter.

Claire Maitrot-Tapprest, 23

Claire Maitrot-Tapprest was a student at business school in Reims. She died at the Bataclan. "We have no words, such is the strength of our sadness," the school said in a statement.

David Perchirin, 41

David Perchirin, 41, was a journalist turned schoolteacher. He taught in Seine-Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris. He died at the Bataclan. His contemporaries at university said he had been a "major figure in student life".

Elif Dogan, 27

Belgian Elif Dogan worked in an IT company in Liege, a town in the east of Belgium. She was with her friend Milko Jozic on the terrace of La Casa Nostra pizzeria when they came under attack.

Emmanuel Bonnet, 47

Father-of-two Emmanuel Bonnet trained staff at the Paris regional transport authority. He was at the Bataclan with his son, who managed to get away. Liberation newspaper says he was a music fan and would share a favourite song on Facebook every week.

Estelle Rouat, 25

Estelle Rouat was at the Bataclan. She was an English teacher in Colombes in the north-western suburbs of Paris. Her family are organising a "happy" procession with music to remember her, according to regional newspaper Ouest France.

Fanny Minot, 29

Fanny Minot was an editor at Le Petit Journal, a satirical TV news programme. Presenter Yann Barthes paid tribute to her at the start of Monday's broadcast. She died at the Bataclan. "She was such a loving, compassionate person, with such an adventurous view on life," a friend told the Associated Press news agency.

Franck Pitiot, 23

Franck Pitiot was an engineering graduate who studied at Nancy, in the east of France. He was at the Bataclan concert. His engineering school paid tribute to his kindness and warmth.

Frederic Henninot, 45

Frederic Henninot died at the Bataclan. He was a bank worker from Cergy in the north-western suburbs of Paris and father of two.

Germain Ferey, 36

Germain Ferey was from Vienne-en-Bessin, a village in Normandy. He worked in media production and was at the Bataclan.

Gilles Leclerc, 32

Gilles Leclerc worked with his mother as a florist in the north-western suburbs of Paris. He had gone to the Bataclan concert with his girlfriend Marianne, who survived.

Gregory Fosse, 28

Gregory Fosse, a music scheduler for television channel D17, died at the Bataclan. "We all knew his kindness, inimitable smile and the passion for music which brought him to us," his employer wrote. "We have lost a friend but also a talented guy."

Guillaume Le Dramp, 33

Guillaume Le Dramp died having a drink outside the Belle Equipe bar. A loved one told the AFP news agency he was "charming, warm, truly kind with a wicked sense of humour".

Halima & Hodda Saadi, 36 & 35

Halima Saadi, a Tunisian mother of two, was killed with her sister Hodda at La Belle Equipe bar, according to Le Parisien newspaper. Their brother was also in the bar but survived.

Helene Muyal, 35

Helene Muyal, 35, died at the Bataclan and leaves behind a husband and son aged 17 months. She was a make-up artist who worked on fashion shoots. Her husband Antoine Leiris wrote a passionate piece on Facebook addressed to his wife's killers after seeing her body. "I don't know who you are and I don't want to know. You are dead souls. I won't give you the gift of my hatred. It's what you sought, but answering hate with anger would be to surrender to the same ignorance that has made you what you are.''

Hugo Sarrade, 23

Hugo Sarrade, 23, was killed at the Bataclan. He was studying at a university in Montpellier and was in Paris to spend the weekend with his father and to go to the concert. "Hugo played the guitar and loved rock music. He was loving and full of kindness, and so open to other cultures and ways of life," his father Stephane said.

Hyacinthe Koma, 36

Hyacinthe Koma from Burkina Faso worked as a waiter at Chics Types restaurant and was celebrating a birthday at La Belle Equipe bar.

Isabelle Merlin, 44

Isabelle Merlin was an engineer who worked at the Continental electronics firm in Rambouillet, to the south-west of Paris. She had a wide smile and an extremely warm and dynamic character, friends told Le Parisien newspaper. Outside of work, she studied music and singing. She was friendly and funny, the director of her college told broadcaster France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais.

Jean-Jacques Amiot, 68

Jean-Jacques Amiot was a silkscreen printer who was at the Bataclan. "A pacifist, a gentle man," his brother told French newspaper the Telegramme.

Jean-Jacques Kirchheim, 44

Jean-Jacques Kirchheim worked for telecommunications firm Free. Friends told Le Parisien newspaper he loved rock music and travelling. He died at the Bataclan watching the Eagles of Death Metal.

Julien Galisson, 32

Julien Galisson was at the Bataclan. He lived in Nantes and loved music and travelling, according to 20 Minutes newspaper.

Justine Dupont, 34

Justine Dupont was the manager of the Sainte Cécile social housing block in the east of Paris. She was on the Rue de Charonne, near the Belle Equipe bar.

Justine Moulin, 23

Justine Moulin was a student living in Paris who was eating at Le Petit Cambodge restaurant. Her parents were from Nieppe, a small town in the north of France, according to La Voix du Nord newspaper.

Kheireddine Sahbi, 29

Kheireddine Sahbi was a masters student in ethnomusicology caught up in the restaurant attacks. "He was an Algerian virtuoso violinist, who came to hone his skills in Paris, and was heavily involved in traditional musical groups at the university," said the president of the Sorbonne.

Lamia Mondeguer, 30

Lamia Mondeguer was an agent for artists and a dual French-Egyptian citizen.

Lola Ouzounian, 17

Her father said: "May my little angel rest in peace, and may her smile remain ingrained in our memories forever."

Lola Salines, 29

Lola Salines was an editor at Grund, a publishing company. According to Liberation newspaper, she was in a roller derby team and travelled widely as a child.

Lucie Dietrich, 37

Lucie Dietrich was a graphic designer at L'Etudiant (Student) magazine.

Madeleine Sadin, 30

Madeleine Sadin was a French teacher at a school in Vitry-sur-Seine, in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris.

Manu Perez, 40

Manu Perez, 40, was an employee of Universal Music.

Marie-Aimee Dalloz, 34

Marie-Aimee Dalloz was a bank worker from Paris and mother of one.

Mathias Dymarski, 22

Mathias Dymarski was a keen BMX rider and recent civil engineering graduate who studied in Metz, in north-east France, and was a project manager at a business in Paris. He was the boyfriend of Marie Lausch who also died at the Bataclan.

Matthieu de Rorthais, 32

Matthieu de Rorthais, 32, a music lover who had recovered from cancer. "He was kind, gentle and sensitive," his cousin said.

Maud Serrault, 37

Maud Serrault was a marketing and e-commerce director at Best Western France.

Maxime Bouffard, 26

Maxime Bouffard was a film director.

Mayeul Gaubert, 30

Mayeul Gaubert, 30, was a lawyer.

Milko Jozic, 47

Milko Jozic, 47, was an engineer from Belgium.

Mohamed Amine Ibnolmobarak, 29

A Moroccan architect and teacher, Amine Ibnolmobarak was named by the Moroccan Times newspaper as one of those killed at Le Carillon bar. The native of Rabat was with his wife who was seriously injured, the paper added.

Nathalie Jardin, 31

Nathalie Jardin was a lighting manager at the Bataclan concert hall.

Nathalie Lauraine, 39

French-Russian Nathalie Lauraine was at the Bataclan concert with her husband, who was injured. She was the mother of three children, according to Le Figaro newspaper.

Nicolas Degenhardt, 37

Nicolas Degenhardt was a yoga teacher from Le Mans. He had lived in Paris for about 15 years.

Olivier Vernadal, 44

Olivier Vernadal, 44, was a tax officer from Ceyrat in the Auvergne region of France. A keen footballer, his home town decided to name its stadium after him to honour his memory.

Patricia San Martin, 61

Patricia San Martin, 61, was a civil servant working in local government at Sevran, a northern suburb of Paris, and a trade union representative. She died alongside her daughter Elsa Veronique Delplace, according to Sevran town hall officials.

Pierre Innocenti, 40

Pierre Innocenti, 40, was a manager at Chez Livio restaurant in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. He was killed alongside his cousin Stephane Albertini. They were the third generation of their family to run the famous restaurant.

Pierre-Antoine Henry, 36

Pierre-Antoine Henry, 36, was an engineer. His cousin said: "They killed the nicest guy in the world."

Precilia Correia, 35

A dual Portuguese-French national, Precilia Correia was killed at the Bataclan alongside her French boyfriend. She was an employee of music retailer Fnac, based in La Defense in north-west Paris.

Quentin Boulenger, 29

Quentin Boulenger, 29, graduated from management school in 2010 and worked at L'Oreal cosmetics firm.

Quentin Mourier, 29

Quentin Mourier was an architect at Vergers Urbains (Urban Orchards).

Raphael Hilz, 28

Raphael Hilz was an architect from the German city of Munich. He had been working for the past six months for the Italian firm Renzo Piano.

Richard Rammant, 54

Richard Rammant was a motorcyclist and rock fan.

Romain Dunet, 28

Romain Dunet was an English teacher. "He had a big heart, unwavering generosity, and was a fantastic teacher who helped me when I needed it most," one pupil wrote in an online tribute.

Romain Didier, 32

Romain Didier was a former drama student and bar manager. His rugby team paid tribute on Facebook to his "unparalled joie de vivre", adding: "It's so hard to think that we will never again see your smile or hear your laugh."

Romain Naufle, 31

Guitar maker Romain Naufle was at the Bataclan with friends. He had opened a workshop in the east of Paris. A concert was arranged in his honour.

Romain Feuillade, 31

Romain Feuillade owned a restaurant called Le Cent Kilos in the 11th district of Paris.

Salah Emad El-Gebaly, 28

Egyptian Salah Emad El-Gebaly died in the Bataclan concert hall, Egypt's consulate in Paris confirmed.

Sebastien Proisy, 37

Sebastien Proisy was a French-Bulgarian dual citizen who had just launched an international relations consultancy firm.

Stella Verry, 37

Stella Verry was a family doctor.

Stephane Albertini, 39

Stephane Albertini was a manager of the Chez Livio restaurant in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. He was killed alongside his cousin Pierre Innocenti. The pair "always had a smile for everyone," one customer said.

Stephane Hache, 52

Restaurant worker Stephane Hache was killed by a stray bullet in his apartment opposite the Bataclan.

Suzon Garrigues, 21

Suzon Garrigues was a third-year student of modern languages who "will be remembered as the most generous, most altruistic and funniest of friends by her fellow students, and also as an unconditional and devoted fan of Zola", the president of the Sorbonne said.

Sven Alejandro Silva Perugini, 29

Sven Alejandro Silva Perugini, 29, a computer scientist from Venezuela who lived in Palma, Majorca. He had come to Paris for the weekend to catch up with an old university friend.

Thibault Rousse Lacordaire, 36

Thibault Rousse Lacordaire worked at Colony Capital, a private equity firm.

Thierry Hardouin, 41

Thierry Hardouin was a police officer from Bobigny, a suburb in the north-east of Paris.

Thomas Ayad, 32

Thomas Ayad from Amiens, worked for Mercury Records, a division of Universal Music France, and was at the Bataclan with two colleagues. "He was the coolest guy on Earth; no enemies, everyone liked him," a friend said.

Thomas Duperron, 30

Thomas Duperron was head of communications for La Maroquinerie concert hall.

Victor Munoz, 24

Victor Munoz was born in Barcelona and built his first website aged 13. He was a specialist in online marketing and had just graduated from business school. He was working as an intern at a start-up when he was killed having a drink with friends at La Belle Equipe bar.

Vincent Detoc, 38

Vincent Detoc was described as an amateur guitarist and music fan by Le Parisien newspaper, which spoke to his wife.