Russia Turkey: Sukhoi jet black box 'damaged'

A Russian military official passes by a screen showing a live broadcast of the opening of the flight recorder from the Russian Su-24 bomber in Moscow, 18 December Image copyright AFP
Image caption The black box was revealed at the Interstate Aviation Committee in Moscow

The memory card in the flight recorder of a Russian fighter plane downed by Turkey on the Syrian border last month is damaged, Russian investigators say.

The "black box" of the Su-24 jet was officially opened in Moscow on Friday in front of journalists and diplomats.

Nikolai Primak, head of the Russian investigation, said flight information appeared to be missing.

Data from the box could help resolve the dispute over the jet's location when it was hit.

An analysis is expected to be released next week.

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Media captionRussian President Vladimir Putin 'enraged' by Turkey jet action

The downing of the jet plunged relations between Russia and Turkey into crisis, with Moscow imposing sanctions in response.

Turkey insists that the jet, from the Russian air contingent deployed in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, ignored warnings to leave its airspace.

Russia says it was shot down within Syrian airspace and President Vladimir Putin vented his anger at Turkey's government again on Thursday, accusing it of subservience to the US and of "creeping Islamisation".

Crisis point for Russia and Turkey

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Media captionThis video shows a plane falling to the ground on the Syrian border with Turkey

What we know about how the Su-24 was downed

How Russia's sanctions could hit Turkey

The war of words as it erupted

The two countries are heavily involved in Syria but take radically different positions despite both being ostensibly opposed to the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

The Su-24 was shot down by F-16 fighters on 24 November.

Both crew members ejected but the pilot was killed, apparently by militants on the ground while the navigator was rescued.

A Russian marine sent to rescue the crew was also killed and a helicopter destroyed on the ground.

Russia has demanded an apology from Turkey and in the meantime has imposed sanctions including a ban on package holidays, which could cost Turkey billions of dollars.

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