Far-right German politician thanks refugees for rescue


A far-right German politician has been rescued by refugees after he crashed his car in a tree, German media report.

Two Syrian nationals provided first aid to National Democratic Party (NPD) member Stefan Jagsch who was injured in the accident in Hesse state, DPA news agency said.

It said the refugees - who happened to be passing at the time - had left by the time police arrived.

NPD members have taken part in a series of anti-immigrant marches in Germany.

However, regional NPD official Jean Christoph Fiedler praised the two refugees for "a very good, humane act", the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper reported.

Germany's constitutional court is currently considering whether to ban the NPD.

The federal upper house (Bundesrat) of the parliament took the case to the court, by arguing in a petition that the party is racist and anti-Semitic, and poses a threat to Germany's democratic order.

A previous attempt to ban the NPD failed in 2003 because the judges dismissed evidence provided by state agents who had infiltrated the party.

The NPD's anti-immigrant stance is part of widespread German anxiety about the influx of non-EU migrants, many of them Muslim Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans fleeing war and human rights abuses.

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