Easter Rising: Copy of Irish proclamation sold for 150,000 euros

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The 1916 Proclamation is considered one of the most important documents in Irish history

An original copy of the Irish proclamation, that was reputedly hung in the headquarters of the rebel leaders during the Easter Rising, has sold at an auction in Dublin for 150,000 euros (£117,000).

The item was sold to a private Irish collector.

It was part of a sale of over 600 items, many from the 1916 Rising.

The rebellion was an attempt to overthrow British rule 100 years ago.

The 1916 proclamation is considered one of the most important documents in Irish history.

Auctioneers said that the copy was from Dr James Ryan, a medical officer attached to the garrison based out of the General Post Office (GPO) during the Easter Rising.

The GPO was the headquarters of the Rising's leaders.

After the GPO was taken by rebel forces, Pádraig Pearse, the Rising's comander-in-chief, read the proclamation from the front of the building.

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A closer look at one of the most important documents of modern Irish history.

The seven signatories of the proclamation were executed, along with nine other leaders, after the Rising was quelled.

Last month, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of Dublin for a parade to mark the Easter Rising's centenary.

The 1916 Proclamation was then read out by an officer from the Irish defence forces during the parade, in a re-enactment of the declaration of independence the rebels made outside the GPO.

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