Munich shootings: Who were the victims?

The father of Dijamant Zabergja clutches a photo of his son in Munich, 23 July Image copyright AP
Image caption The father of one young Kosovan victim, Dijamant Zabergja, visited the scene of the shooting on Saturday and displayed his son's photo

Nine people were killed by David Ali Sonboly in Friday's attack in Munich, before the teenage gunman turned the weapon on himself.

Seven of those who died were teenagers; the youngest were just 14 years old.

More than 30 other people were injured, German police said.

Officials said Sonboly had set up a fake Facebook account in May and sent a message luring victims to a branch of McDonald's with the promise of free food.

German media reports have said those who died were all Munich residents. Many of them were from families with origins outside Germany.

Hussein Daitzik (or Huseyin Dayicik), a 17-year-old of Greek origin, was said to have been shot dead as he tried to protect his sister from the shots.

A Greek Muslim lawmaker has said the Daitzik family comes from the Muslim minority in Western Thrace, in northern Greece. German TV said Hussein was born and lived in Munich.

A New York Times reporter met the boy's father, Souleyman, outside one of the city's hospitals as he searched for his son. He told her Hussein and his sister had gone to the shopping mall together but had become separated after the shooting started.

His daughter managed to escape from the gunfire and was rescued by the emergency services and taken to hospital, suffering trauma. Hussein's death was confirmed later.

Guilliano Kollman, 18 or 19, reportedly died outside the McDonald's where the shooting started. "He was a funny guy, a normal guy. No-one had anything against him," one friend was quoted as saying.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Naim Zabergja showed media a photo of his son, Dijamant

Dijamant Zabergja, 20 or 21, the son of a police officer of Kosovo Albanian heritage, was also shot dead. His father, Naim, visited the scene on Saturday, carrying flowers and a photograph of his son.

Image copyright AP
Image caption In the town of Podujevo, Kosovo, the aunts of Armela Segashi were grief-stricken as they met relatives and friends

The dead were also reported to include:

  • two 14-year-old Kosovan Albanian girls, Armela Segashi and Sabina Sulaj
  • their Turkish friends Can Leyla, 14, and Selcuk Kilic, 15
  • another teenage victim, believed to be 15, who has not been identified
  • the killer's oldest victim, identified as a 45-year-old Turkish woman, Sevda Dag

The BBC has not received authorisation to publish any pictures of those killed, other thanDijamant Zabergja.

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